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Here and on JobLine International you will find employment opportunities for all kinds of jobs in areas such as Bio Engineering, Information and Computer Technology, Medical Professions, Automotive Engineering, Hotel and Hospitality positions and others in countries of Western Europe, the USA and Canada. Opportunities exist for short term contract work as well as longer term and permanent employment contracts.

Apart from direct recruitment, we also offer services for Curriculum Vitae (Résumé) editing and translation (into correct English), formatting and presentation, and converting a CV to an American Style Resume. This is essential if you try to find a high tech job in the USA, Canada or Europe. It will vastly improve the chances of applicants to be considered for jobs in the USA and Canada. Recruiters and future employers in the USA and Canada will only accept résumés with a content and in a format they can recognize, otherwise applications will not be considered by employers.

In addition Jobline International offers services for broadcasting a resume to thousands of recruiters and employers. All services can be paid by Credit Card on a Secure Server on pour site or in local currency at the local Affiliate Office in your own country.

Once you have found a job and have received a legitimate written job offer, JobLine International, through partners, can help you go through the administrative work necessary to obtain the necessary temporary employment visa (H-1B) in the United States. You should note, that you will require a written job offer, fall within the category of jobs for which there is a shortage of applicants and you will have to have an academic qualification (university degree) equivalent to one obtained in the USA.

If you find as suitable position and if your qualification is in line with the requirements stated in the advertisement, write to the contact address given.




Contract Labor for Mechanical Engineering,
Computer Engineering, Software Engineering,
Systems Analysis, Programming,
Internet and Web Design

We are an Irish based recruiter and contractor recruiting or hiring mechanical engineers, software and hardware design engineers, automotive engineers and various other engineering and design functions in the information technology and automotive industries who then either work directly for the client or work under fixed term contracts at various computer and software or automotive and design companies within the United States, Canada, Mexico and Germany, Brazil and Spain. All employment's are of a fixed contract duration after which employees normally return to their home countries. During the contract duration employees cannot change employers and cannot be hired by the employers, they are contracted to. Single person living accommodation is provided for in multi occupancy apartments. The provision of food is the responsibility of the contract employee. Health and accident insurance is provided by contsign ltd.. Depending on the job and the location, in some instances transportation is also provided by contsign ltd..

Basic Qualifications for all Jobs offered by contsign ltd.

Subject to the individual job, a university degree in engineering, computer hardware design, computer engineering, software engineering, system analysis, mathematics or similar is required for all jobs.

English has to be fluent, since this is the working language. For some jobs German, Portuguese or Spanish knowledge is also required. Evidence of fluency in English , such as a TOEFL TEST (220/50) or the Academic IELTS University of Cambridge Proficiency Exam (Level 7.0) is required.

All jobs require the passing of a medical examination by a doctor designated by the United Stated Department of Immigration. Visa, medical examination and flight costs to destination will be reimbursed on completion of a one full contract period.

Type Location Contract Duration
10 Software Design Engineers
Unix, C++, Oracle
Ref.: 02-04-001
6 - 24 month
25 Systems and Application Programmers
C++, Progress, Oracle, Informix, Database Design
Ref.: 02-03-012
USA 12 - 36 Months
2 Hardware Design Engineers
For Processor Design
Ref.: 02-03-017
USA 18 Months
20 Application Programmers
Canada 12 Months
5 Application Programmers
USA 24 Months
50 SAP - Application Programmers and Implementation Specialists for Manufacturing and Accounting Modules
Ref.: 01-08-001

Saudi Arabia

36 Months

12-24 Months

If you are interested in any of these jobs send a full Curriculum Vitae (.txt or .doc file) with a short e-mail here giving reference
code 99.07.001 or the above individual job references

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